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Almas Diamond Services is the most sophisticated atelier based in the DMCC, Dubai.


Bringing decades of expert craftsmanship and state of the art technology we are offering diamantaires access to boiling, evaluation & polishing services.

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Diamond Boiling Services

With years of experience and solid relationships with diamantaires in the UAE, the boiling lab brings a unique and precise methodology of boiling practices.


We offer a deep boiling service for rough diamonds and a light boiling for polished stones. Our boiling process uses the latest technology to give our clients a secure, safe and ensure quality for their diamonds.


Our process uses heating ovens and tantalum crucibles, that can withstand higher endurance. Crafting unique conditions to boil diamonds allows us to remove all the internal "dirt" trapped in diamonds when they are formed. 


The result is diamonds that show their true luster and brilliance.



Diamond Evaluation Services

The ability to know the true value of your diamond is one that we take great responsibility in.


Our engineers, with decades of experience, meticulously analyze each stone using the most sophisticated equipment. Using a combination of light & next generation X-ray scanners we plot the outside of the stone, identifying all the indentations.


Using the 3D models created by our systems we start designing the most valuable possible polished stones. Working in complete transparency and confidentiality with our clients we understand our customer requirements. We can take into account size, shape and number of stones the client requires, even bespoke requirements such as special stone weights, matching "pairs" of diamonds.


We also offer advanced evaluation services where we can accurately predict the colour and type of stone such as a Type IIa diamond. We also offer services to detect synthetic or "lab grown" diamonds.


We are able to provide a bespoke diamond evaluation, maximising the value of the stone.



Diamond Polishing Services

Almas Diamond Services takes pride in the precision and sophisticated methods used in the art of crafting your polished diamond. 


Our craftsmen utilize the latest technology and combining them with traditional generational skills to minimise waste and maximize value for your stones. 

We offer the full suite of services such as

Final Inspection
GIA Certification

To enable these services, Almas Diamond Services has invested in latest waterjet-guided laser sawing technology. Utilising the latest bruting technology allows us to offer all shapes and sizes whilst reducing the risk for our clients.


Level 2, Almas Tower, JLT, Dubai, UAE

T: +971 (4) 242 7844

F: +971 (4) 242 7848

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