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The Art of Cutting and Polishing Diamonds

cutting and polishing diamonds
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A diamond symbolizes elegance and joy that remains in one’s memory. As a concept in its raw state, it has possibilities and raw power. It requires a professional jeweler to cut a rough diamond and make it into a beautiful gem. Every rough stone at Almas Diamond is selected and then cut and placed in the best way so that it can shine to the best of its potential. Below, we will discuss cutting diamonds and polishing diamonds.


Transforming Rough Diamonds

Diamond cutting and diamond polishing is the art of converting a rough diamond into a faceted gemstone. This art entails skill, precision and cannot be done without the use of modern technology. Our craftsmen at Almas Diamond have learned this process to the best of their abilities to ensure that all the facets are well aligned to give the best sparkle.


In-House Perfection

The slightest error can impact the gem that is to be produced in the end. In our case at Almas Diamond, we perform all the operations internally. This helps to guarantee that every step is done to the best of our ability and that no mistakes are made. Company’s license to purchase and polish rough diamonds enables it to choose only the best stones for its products.


Craftsmanship at Almas Diamond

Our master diamond cutters and polishers work at the Almas Diamond Cutting and Polishing Workshop. They turn raw stones into sparkling diamonds with the help of advanced technology and age old methods. More specifically, each gemstone is hand-cut and hand-polished to retain the art’s historical roots.


The Process of Cutting and Polishing the Diamond

The process of diamond cutting and diamond polishing is a very complicated process, and you might ask yourself, how is it done? Worry not, we will discuss the steps in the following lines:

Step 1: Analyzing

The first one is the classification of the rough diamond. This must involve creativity, dexterity and accuracy. The diamond cutter looks at the size and shape of the diamond as well as clarity and crystal direction in order to decide on the cut. This step is very important in order to get the most out of the diamond and make it look the best.


The process of sorting the rough diamond entails the assessment of several attributes of the stone. The cutter is also required to look at the diamond’s inherent flaws and imperfections. In this way, they can schedule the cut to eliminate such flaws or arrange the flaw so it will not be as obvious and affect the gem’s value and appearance. We at Almas Diamond offer the best diamond services Dubai!

Step 2: Marking

Subsequently, a 3D laser is used to mark the stone appropriately for the intended design or message. It is critical to accurately mark the parts as even the slightest deviation can make a difference in the final piece of jewelry. The marker notes any defects and determines the most appropriate means of carving the stone in order to produce the finest diamonds.

It is during setting that the diamond is marked to pave way for cutting process. The cutter has to make the incisions and follow the grain of the stone, also depending on the further cut. This step helps in making sure that when the diamond is going to be cut, it is going to be cut in the right way so that it can be bright and there will be less wastage.

Step 3: Sawing

In the sawing step, the diamond is placed on a jeweler’s sawing spindle that is made of copper or brass. The marked rough diamond is then cut with a copper blade which is covered with diamond powder. This is a delicate process, which has to be controlled in order to produce a proper cut of the diamond.

Bruting is a delicate process that involves slicing the rough diamond into pieces that will make up individual gemstones. It is important to follow the marking closely because the cutter is going to use the diamond-coated blade for cutting. This step is necessary for forming the initial structure of the diamonds which will make up the final design.

Step 4: Blocking

In blocking, the first 17 or 18 facets that form the basis for the diamond’s symmetry are made. For smaller diamonds, this step may be the last one; for larger diamonds, the process will proceed to the next step of faceting. The larger diamonds go to the next stage to have more facets cut to increase the brilliance of the diamonds.

Blocking entails sawing away the primary edges that outline the diamond geometric and its symmetry. He or she must also make sure that the facets of the cutter are properly shaped and spaced in a correct manner. This step sets the shape of the diamond and brings it to a form that will be polished in the last stage.

Step 5: Polishing

The last step is polishing, or brillianteering, depending on the specific type of gemstone that is being cut. The facets of the diamond are refined and angulated to the most desired measurements. This step enhances the fire, brilliance or scintillation of the diamond thus making it more beautiful and valuable.

Diamond Polishing is a delicate process through which the diamond’s facets are gently worked to enhance the fire of the stone. The cutter employs specific tools to refine the angles of each facet, making sure that light is reflected magnificently. This step really brings out the sparkle and the fiery glow of the diamond. Visit us now and find the best diamond polishing price ever!

The Final Touch

He actual worth of an Almas Diamond creation can only be seen when an individual puts it on. This is how careful we are, to make sure that each diamond looks its best and brings out the best in it. At Almas Diamond we are committed for rough diamonds and turn them into brilliant stones that create memorable events. Find the best diamond cleaning services Dubai with us now!


The Legacy of Diamond Cutting and Diamond Polishing


Diamond cutting and diamond polishing are hereditary professions, and the work is handed from one generation to another. The approaches applied by our artisans have been perfected for generations, and they apply both traditional and innovative technologies. Such a combination guarantees that every Almas Diamond is unique, a fusion of tradition and modernity.


The professionals at Almas Diamond are ensure to go through training to be able to execute the required tasks of diamond cutting and diamond polishing. The training that these professionals undergo involves both practice and education to make them aware of the challenges involved in diamond cutting. It enables them to cultivate an understanding of the potential of each diamond and how to maximize the stone’s potential.

What are you waiting for? Contact us at Almas Diamond and do your services with the best diamond polishing company!

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